Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 20 June

Venerable Father Alexander Baldrati, Martyr, O.P.

After passing a fervent novitiate begun at the age of sixteen, this religious was assailed by so violent a temptation that only those who have passed through a like trial can understand it. He became by degrees so full of antipathy towards his brethren, that he set off for the East without permission. In vain did Father Nicholas Ridolphi, General of the Order, the more merciful as he himself had been sorely tried, offer him pardon. He only replied “Treason, they wish to kill me.” However, when the Turks seized him and stripped off his scapular, he entered into himself, by the grace of God and courageously confessing his faith, was condemned to be burnt! He showed the greatest constancy in the flames, invoking the holy name of Jesus and those of Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Sienna. But neither his body, nor his scapular, which he had regained, could be burnt, so be was finally stabbed. Doves came and reverently pecked at the earth soaked with his blood, and his remains, bought for a high price by the Christian merchants, received all the honors due to the relics of martyrs. (1645)


“O Jesus, most dear Brother, you deign to pardon me in spite of my unfaithfulness.” – Blessed Henry Suso


Be very patient with reserved and melancholy characters, do not wound them, but help them with consoling thoughts and ask Our Lady, “the cause of our joy,” to gladden their hearts.