Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 20 January

Venerable John Lopez, Bishop, O.P.

After having fulfilled, in the Convent of Valladolid, all the duties of a perfect religious, an excellent preacher and an enlightened teacher, Venerable John Lopez was appointed Bishop of Calabria by Clement VIII, and modelled his life on that of the saintly bishops of ancient times. It was his daily care to reform the lives of the people, to be a father to the poor, a protector of widows and orphans and the refuge of all in distress. He also founded charitable institutions for those in need, and, while always making the glory of God and the salvation of souls his final aims, he did not hesitate to descend to the smallest practical details in carrying out his sublime end. By means of prayer and tears, he obtained permission to renounce his office, and, at the age of eighty, returned to his convent where he lived with all the fervor of a novice. He passed his time in prayer and in writing several works, the best known of which is his “History of the Order of Saint Dominic.” He also wrote short treatises on the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, on the Rosary, and on preparation for death, his favorite theme. He fell asleep peacefully and piously in the Lord, aged one hundred and eight years.


My God, how shameful for me to be so cowardly in overcoming the smallest difficulties in the way of holiness and to long for rest when I have not even begun to serve Thee!


Employ not only zeal but order in your good works – order in the work you undertake and order in the way you carry it out.