Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 20 April

Saint Agnes of MontepulcianoSaint Agnes of Montepulciano, Virgin, O.P.

At the age of four Saint Agnes was so united to God that often during prayer her body was raised an arm’s length above the ground. The Pope appointed her when only fifteen Superioress of the Sisters of Sac, and she was afterwards inspired to found a convent of Dominican nuns on a hill which had been the site of houses of ill repute. Her mortification was so great that she fasted for fifteen years on bread and water. But in return, during her prayer, angels showered upon her a celestial manna, and lilies, violets and roses sprang up in those places where she had held intercourse with Our Lord. One day the Mother of God appeared to her and put the Infant Jesus into her arms. When she took Him back, Agnes, with the boldness of love, kept the little cross which the Holy Child wore round his neck. Saint Catherine of Sienna prayed before the relics of Saint Agnes and bent down to kiss her feet, whereupon one of the feet gently raised itself towards her lips. Bellarmine, who was a compatriot of the saint, once saw a preacher who was very eloquent against vice and whom the heretics had deprived of his voice by sorcery. He recovered it at once by invoking Saint Agnes.


“Let us pray and continue to pray, even when misfortunes and calamities fall upon us.” Saint Agnes


In prayer, speak to God with confidence, being assured that He loves you and not content with the flowers of good desires, draw from prayer the fruit of good works.