Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 19 March

Saint JosephThe Patriarch Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

All hearts, those of young and old, married people and virgins, priests, working men and princes, are alike attracted towards Saint Joseph, who holds so modest, yet so important a place in the mysteries of the Holy Infancy by his office of protector of Mary and the Divine Child. Holy Scripture says of the first Joseph, son of Jacob: “He is a growing son.” There is nothing astonishing then in the fact that the cultus of the new Joseph has grown in the course of centuries until our own time in the most consoling and fruitful manner. God has so disposed it that we may understand by his example his esteem of the domestic virtues, his love of work, his simplicity and frugality in food, clothing and lodging, his constant prayer in the midst of work, the sweetness of his character and uprightness of his life, that these virtues are necessary to the family and to society; above all in our days, when the rulers of the world so unwisely throw off the duty of protecting Christian principles. Above all, what a death was that of Saint Joseph in the arms of Jesus and Mary and in the midst of their prayers! It is probable that this most happy of all deaths took place at the beginning of Our Lord’s apostolic life.


Saint Joseph, obtain for me that I may guard the grace of Jesus as faithfully as thou didst guard Jesus Himself.


Say some prayer to Saint Joseph for the dying.