Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 19 June

Blessed Maurice of Albi, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed Maurice left his family, which was of noble origin, to enter among the first religious of the Convent of Toulouse, of which he became one of the founders and a model to his brethren, thus exemplifying the old adage that “religious of noble origin and refined education, once drawn towards perfection, give lessons of poverty, humility, austerity and amiability which astonish those of more lowly birth.” He united rare energy and admirable patience with great gentleness in dealing with the enemies of the faith. When he came to Albi to preach, he was received by the Franciscans, who were in distress. They did not desire a luxurious dwelling, or soft garments, or delicate food, but only clear and wholesome water to quench their thirst and take with their poor fare. Maurice, touched by their simple needs, prayed, and then made them dig in a certain spot, whence a spring of pure water welled up, to which God also gave the power of healing. The servant of God died in this convent, and his tomb became famous for many miracles (1249).


Heart of Jesus, be to me a fountain of sweetness!


Do you practice hospitality as under the eyes of Jesus? Joyfully, without ostentation and trying not to disturb the regularity of the house? Do you receive hospitality with gratitude, simplicity and discretion, edifying your hosts and striving not to wound charity.