Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 19 January

Blessed Andrés de Peschiera GregoBlessed Andrew Peschiera, Confessor, O.P.

Although very badly treated by his brothers in his youth, when he left the world to embrace the religious life, Blessed Andrew kissed their feet and humbly asked their blessing, leaving them his staff as a keepsake, the only object he possessed. This dry stick, the gift of a saint, put forth shoots and worked miracles. Blessed Andrew was formed to religious perfection at Saint Mark’s in Florence, under Blessed Antony della Chiesa. Obedience was his favorite virtue and he often said: “To be obedient and to be a saint is one and the same thing.” Struck by the words of Holy Scripture: “I am sent to preach the Gospel to the poor” (Luke 4:18), he began to preach to the poor of northern Italy, to the laborers, shepherds, vine-dressers and others the adorable mysteries of our Redemption. He took pleasure in receiving hospitality in poor cottages and in being invited to share the humble fare of chestnuts and millet bread. He had acquired so much esteem by his virtues that by a few words he could persuade the most obstinate heretics, and his presence also was enough to calm sedition among the people. He refused all charges except that of begging for the community, an office which suited his humility. After forty years of this hard but consoling apostolate, he rendered his soul to God at an advanced age, after working numerous miracles (1480).


O my God, pardon and fill with graces all those who offend or act against me.


Do not be ashamed to beg for good works.