Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 19 April

Blessed Father Peter Guillot and His Companions, Martyrs, O.P.

The Calvinists pursued the Friars Preachers everywhere throughout the South of France, even to the Pyrenees and often imprisoned them for refusing to reveal the secrets of the confessional before the civil tribunals. At Castres, the Catholics, threatened by the heretics, took refuge in the convent of the Friars. In their fury they broke down the gates and knocked down and beat the religious and those who had taken shelter with them. But their fiercest rage was turned against the Prior, Father Guillot. They seated him on an ass, with his face to its tail, put a bit in his mouth and led him through the town, overwhelmed with insults and pelted with stones. Then they stabbed him and threw his body into the river, where in their fury, they continued to fire upon him, as if the water were too slow in drowning him. What superhuman strength God gives to His martyrs! This one, still breathing and coming for an instant to the surface of the water, threw up his arms and cried out, “Credo, credo, credo.” (1568)


O my God, forgive our persecutors, they do not know Thee and they know not what they do.


Make often in the day an act of faith, or at least a short one, saying three times: “Credo, credo, credo.”