Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 18 March

Blessed Sibillina BiscossiBlessed Sybillina of Biscossis, Virgin, O.P.

Blessed Sybillina of Biscossis became blind at the age of ten, and for a long time she asked for her sight to be restored through the intercession of Saint Dominic, not being able to resign herself never again to see the light of Heaven. At last she understood from God that He had sent this blindness in order that she might be more free for the contemplation of the mysteries of our Redemption, and then she accepted it gladly. Received first among the Tertiary Sisters, she afterwards passed sixty-four years apart from all intercourse with the world, in a little cell close to the church of the Friars Preachers. There God enlightened her with such spiritual wisdom that she understood perfectly the “Soliloquies” of Saint Augustine and the “Meditations” of Saint Bernard. Devout people vied with each other for the privilege of even a few moments’ conversation with her at the window of her cell, and they always came away the better for their interview. From this little window she also converted a number of sinners by representing to them plainly, with a holy liberty and at the same time with wonderful tact, according to their dispositions, sometimes the justice of God in order to rouse them to repentance, sometimes His mercy to give them confidence. In some countries she is invoked as the patroness of servants. (1361)


O my God, enlighten my eyes and my heart that I may know myself and know Thee!


Read chapter nineteen of the “Soliloquies” of Saint Augustine or Psalm 145, or any chapter of the “Imitation of Christ.”