Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 18 June

detail from the painting 'L'Assunta con la Beata Osanna Andreasi', Ippolito Andreasi, c.1575Blessed Osanna of Mantua, Virgin, O.P.

Blessed Osanna entered the Third Order at the age of fourteen. But she put off her profession to the end of her life, that is for fifty-six years, always deeming herself unworthy of so high a vocation. She was always deeply interested in the apostolic work of the Fathers, and when they set out on a journey, she offered herself to Our Lord to suffer in their place all the accidents which might befall them. On the death of her parents, she found herself in charge of the household, but far from neglecting the duties of her state to perform her devotions, she took the greatest care of the family, including the servants. The learned Father Sylvester of Ferrara, the author of her life, thus speaks of her amiability: “tier works, her lips, all her features, nay everything smiled together in this innocent creature, but with a reserve that further increased the attraction of her person.”

Once she was crossing a river when the boat went to pieces, and those on board lost all hope of escape, but Blessed Osanna taking a crucifix in her hand, opened a way for them through the waters. She suffered much in her life, especially towards the end, but she often declared that she would not exchange her pains for all the treasures of the world. She is said to have received the stigmata. (1505)


O my Jesus, may I always regard the dispositions of Thy Providence as most precious treasures, though they may seem to me strange and incomprehensible.


Say a “Memorare” for those who murmur secretly or openly against Divine Providence, thus turning their blessings into a cause of sin.