Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 17 May

Blessed Andrew AbellonBlessed Andrew Abellon, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed Andrew was born at Saint Maximin, where he entered among the Friars Preachers and they, appreciating his virtues, chose him as prior. The building of the beautiful cloister, still standing in spite of revolutions, is due to his care. But what is still better he promoted the reestablishment of religious observance, here and in other convents of the South under the direction of Blessed Bartholomew Texier, General of the Order and Provencial like himself. The Sainte Baume obtained by his efforts and through the reputation of his sanctity, certain privileges from the Queen Yolande. The convent of the Dominicans at Marseilles had also the benefit of his presence and example. But he was above all the beloved apostle of the town of Aix, where his death caused general mourning. From that time his remains, honored with a place in the sanctuary of the Church of the Magdalen on the Gospel side, became the object of public veneration, which was increased by numerous miracles and an altar was erected there in his honor. Blessed Andrew is invoked against fevers which have often been cured by the dust from his tomb. This holy religious loved the fine arts and when worn out by the labors of the apostolate, he consoled himself in his trials by painting the altars, a work which endears his memory to Christian artists. (1450)


Blessed Abellon, obtain a blessing for Provence, where you did so much good, and especially for pilgrims to the Sainte Baume.


Employ your spare time and your means willingly in the advancement of churches, especially the holy altars.