Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 17 June

Blessed Amicie de Montfort

Amicie was the daughter of the valiant Count Simon de Montfort, called the “Judas Maccabeus of his age,” a strong bulwark of the faith and the victim of his zeal in fighting before Toulouse against the enemies of the Church. Inheriting her father’s chivalrous sentiments and his love of the Order of Saint Dominic, she obtained for her only son, who had fought in the Crusades under Saint Louis, the grace of a vocation to the Order of Friars Preachers. He did well to correspond with this grace quickly, for he died in the Isle of Cyprus, soon after being clothed with the holy habit. His generous minded mother, already a Tertiary, resolved to give herself more perfectly to God in the Monastery of Montargis, which she had founded for fifty religious. “For,” she said, “not being able to be a man and a preacher, I will at least be a Sister of the Order.” In fact, the nuns of the Order are often called “Preacheresses”; their mortifications and prayers by day and by night increase the success of the Friars’ preaching and their example ought to be a sermon in itself. Thus the life of Amicie was spent in silence, penance, prayer and humility. Some old authors give her the title of Blessed (Thirteenth century).


My God, Thou art the light which renders the heart upright without deception, and large without constraint.


How do you love your relations? In the sight of God? Do you care for their eternal interests before anything else? Do you rejoice to see among them vocations to the priesthood or to the religious life?