Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 17 April

Blessed Clara, called “Tora,” Widow, Tertiary, O.P.

At the age of twelve Blessed Clara was forced to accept an earthly spouse. But often at the Elevation during Holy Mass, she expressed to God her desire for a more perfect life, encouraged in this by the letters she received from Saint Catherine of Siena. At the end of three years she became a widow and thenceforth her only thought was to consecrate herself wholly to God, a design which so annoyed her parents that they shut her up in prison. At last, however, they set her free and her father himself built her a monastery where she established strict observance. After the example of Saint Dominic, she avoided all conversation which had not God for its end. In her love of poverty, she absolutely refused the legacy which a gentleman desired to bestow on her convent and with much persuasion she got him to leave it to a foundling institute instead. Her way of treating her religious Sisters was very gentle, and she desired that the sick should have not merely necessaries, but all that could console them. At the same time she was inflexible with regard to all that concerned the perfect enclosure. After her death, the Sisters who were praying by her body said the “Gloria Patri” instead of the “Requiem aeternam” at the end of each Psalm, though this was contrary to their intention. (1419)


“Enable me, O my God, to keep my tongue from idle words, my eyes from wandering glances, that I may raise up my spirit towards celestial things and desire Thee alone.” Saint Thomas Aquinas


When you are crossed in yonr plans, redouble your confidence and self-abandonment; Providence has its own views and time.