Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 16 May

Saint Simon StockSaint Simon Stock, Carmelite

Saint Simon Stock is one of the glories of Catholic England. At an age when most children are only beginning to show a glimmer of intelligence, his virtue was so remarkable that he was admitted to the sacraments, but this privilege brought on him the jealousy of his brother, who attributed his fervor to singularity, illusion and hypocrisy and even so far forgot himself as to strike him. He was led by providential circumstances to join the Carmelite Order. These religious had hitherto had their principal residence in Palestine on Mt. Carmel, that spot so peaceful, so beautiful and suitable for contemplation; they continued there the life of those ancient ascetics, who, since the time of Elias, had inhabited that holy mountain, and who had been so eager later on to venerate Mary, then still living. Saint Simon was the instrument employed by God to bring the Carmelites into the West of Europe, where he opened for them a larger and surer field for the diffusion of the spirit of Christianity. At eighty years of age, still indefatigable, he founded monasteries in England, Ireland, Scotland, in Holland and in France, and he ended his long course of labors at Bordeaux, at the age of ninety, whilst pronouncing the last words of the “Hail Mary.” The Blessed Virgin showed by her choice of Saint Simon Stock to propagate in the world the scapular of Mount Carmel, how much she loved this good and faithful servant.


O Blesed Mary, make my heart like the Mountain of Carmel.


Pray for the increase of religious institutes in England.