Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 16 April

Venerable Father John de Castro, O.P.

Father John had in early life a great attraction towards the foreign missions, and devoted himself to those of the Philippine Islands. On his arrival, in order to prove that the work of God is not founded only on piety and austerity, but also on truth and knowledge, he caused public disputations to be held. His zeal was not less great for the Divine Office, which he chanted with his few religious with so much zeal and fervor that it sounded as if sung by a large choir. In spite of the heavy work of the mission, he added to the Divine Office the daily recitation of that of the Blessed Virgin and also Blessed Jordan’s salutation to the holy name of Mary and the fruitfulness of their apostolate was thereby increased. He made an attempt to carry the Gospel into China, but was obliged to return after a long imprisonment. Nevertheless he rejoiced that he had tried, because it had brought him much suffering and humiliation for Jesus Christ. At the end of his life, he was troubled with a great fear of the judgments of God. He was penetrated with those words of Saint Augustine: “Alas for the most praiseworthy life, if Thou, O Lord, examine it without listening to Thy mercy.” (1592)


“O Lord, as there are so many temptations at the hour of death, I protest now before Thee, before Blessed Mary and before my angel guardian that I desire to live and die in the faith and in the fear of all sin.” Saint Vincent Ferrer


When your enterprises do not succeed, think that this is advantageous for your eternal welfare and give thanks to God.