Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 15 March

Blessed William d’Orlye, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed William, though of noble family and in his forty-second year, gave up all and entered the Convent of Annecy, and there showed, says an ancient author, “so much humility, austerity and sanctity that he became an object of admiration, though above imitation.” His superiors, seeing that he was specially drawn by God to contemplation, allowed him to follow this attraction and to retire into a grotto overlooking a steep precipice. There he lived on roots and water, preaching during the day to the inhabitants of the neighborhood and spending his nights in prayer, during which he was favored with long ecstasies. It was in this solitude that the man of God died, on his knees in the attitude of prayer, his eyes turned towards Heaven, in 1458. He was already detached from earthly things, and the aspirations of his heart were all towards Heaven. When he was carried from his hermitage to Annecy, though the way was long, the torches of those who assisted were not consumed. The iron chain which he had long worn in a spirit of penance worked many miracles in the following centuries. (1458)


“On whichever side I turn, O my God, I meet with Thine ineffable love.” – Saint Catherine of Siena


Be faithful to your monthly retreat, making with great care the exercise of preparation for death, placing yourself in spirit at your last hour, mourning over lost years, making in a spirit of penance and love the sacrifice of your life and promising, if God spares you longer, to live henceforth for Him alone.