Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 15 June

Venerable Julianna Morel, Virgin, O.P.

Venerable Julianna was naturally endowed with wonderful intelligence, and this gift, cultivated by study, made her a prodigy of learning. At the age of twelve, she spoke seven living languages and astonished the most celebrated doctors by her arguments on theology and philosophy. But all this human knowledge, though it awoke in her longings after the Infinite, far from satisfying these desires, seemed to lead her further from their fulfillment. Taking then another path, she retired into the cloister, there to give herself by preference to the study of the Gospel maxims and the practice of self-renunciation, certain of finding there on every side the true and perfect good under a more simple and engaging form. She was several times prioress of the monastery of Saint Praxedes at Avignon, where she founded traditions of the spiritual life which long survived her. Venerable Julianna Morel had a great love for the sick and cleverly invented many little ways of relieving them, also of cheering and recreating them. Her commentary on the treatise of Saint Vincent Ferrer on the spiritual life is much esteemed. (1635)


O Lord, open my understanding with regard to the maxims of the Gospel and the beauty of Christian perfection.


Meditate on these words of the Psalmist: “The Lord reveals His secrets to the humble and hides them from the proud.” And see whether your little understanding of the things of God does not spring from your want of humility.