Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 15 January

detail of the painting Adoration of the Name of Jesus, c.1604, University Chapel, Seville, SpainThe Most Holy Name of Jesus.

The Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of Jesus is one of the most glorious of those attached to our Order. In its earliest days the Venerable Father Isuard and the Venerable Father Peter of Catalogue healed the deaf, the lame and the blind by the virtue of this Holy Name. Blessed John of Vicenza was specially praised by Pope Gregory IX for having made use of it to confound the enemies of the Church and to stir up devotion among his religious. Gregory X expressed, in 1274, to the Master General of the Order, his desire to see the Holy Name of Jesus greatly honored added: “When you and your Friars preach the Word of God, we beg and exhort you to give the Christian people solid reasons for carrying out this, our desire. Thus you will obtain the crown of justice.” The Venerable Father Diaz, a Portuguese Dominican, erected the Confraternity of this devotion in 1432. Its object is to repair outrages against the thrice Holy Name of Jesus, Son of God, and also the irreverence committed in our churches. Saint Ignatius of Loyola caused to be inscribed at the Minerva, “O Name of Jesus! Thou art a light in preaching, nourishment in meditation, unction in tribulation. Thou art honey to the mouth, melody to the ear, and joy to the heart. May I die exclaiming ‘May Jesus live! may Jesus be loved!'”


My good Jesus, be Thou a thousand times blest!


Be faithful in making the inclination of the head when you hear pronounced in church the Holy Name of Jesus. And when you hear it elsewhere, pay it homage in your heart.