Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 15 April

Illustrious Joachim Ko, Mandarin, Martyr, Tertiary, O.P.

This noble Chinese was an admirer of the doctrine of Confucius, whom the Chinese regard as the founder of their national religion. Some of his moral maxims are beautiful, but with no better foundation than a vague spiritualism and a very ill defined idea of Heaven. Though only slightly acquainted with Christianity, Joachim, seeing in it the most perfect morality solidly established on divine revelation, was converted and received baptism from a Jesuit Father. He immediately began to help the missionaries as a catechist and, by his high position, caused the Gospel to be so highly esteemed that he became the father of a flourishing Christian community. Having laid aside fear and stripped himself entirely of all national prejudice, he combated valiantly against the worship of ancestors in which, under a disguised form, the Chinese render to creatures the honor due to God and the saints. He became a Dominican Tertiary, rose every night for Matins, made an hour’s mental prayer and kept, as far as possible, the abstinence like the Fathers. During an invasion of the Tartars, he was captured and condemned to death with his son, through hatred of the faith. He went to his execution rosary in hand. (1649)


“I thank Thee, O my God, for having given me the faith, which is the beginning, the middle and the end of perfection.” Saint Catherine of Siena


Maintain a spirit of concord among those who join in your good works.