Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 14 May

Blessed Giles of SantaremBlessed Egidius or Giles, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed Giles, whose immoderate desire for knowledge and the fame it procures led him from Portugal to Paris in order to perfect himself in the art of medicine, there fell into a disorderly life, gave himself up to the practice of magic and even signed a contract with the evil one. But by a miraculous stroke of interior grace, God in His infinite mercy converted him and he entered the Order of Saint Dominic. Here he deplored his sinful wanderings day and night, mortified his body and welcomed humiliations. His fervor was rewarded by heavenly consolations and one day at the foot of Mary’s altar he found the detestable contract he had made with the devil, wrested from the evil one by force. The name of Jesus alone filled his soul with ineffable sweetness. Far from bringing forward medical precautions and the maxims of his former life to escape the austerities of the monastic state, he was most faithful to these practices, and in visiting the sick he recommended them as the best of remedies to abstain from all dwelling on themselves, and to cultivate a sweet confidence in God alone. He took pleasure in tidying the cells of the novices whilst they were at their classes, and on returning they found all in perfect order as if by a miracle. He lived to be more that eighty years old, and died lying on a haircloth which he had himself spread, in order to die as a penitent. (1260)


“O Lord, forgive the ignorance of Christians; if they knew what sin was, they would never commit it.” – Blessed Henry Suso


Do you not speak bitterly of sinners? Do you try to bring them back to God? Do you pray for this intention?