Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 14 February

detail of a portrait of Blessed Nicola Paglia, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiBlessed Nicholas Palea, O.P.

At the age of eight years Blessed Nicholas began to practice daily abstinence, because an angel who appeared to him said: “Child of obedience, thou shalt belong to an Order where perpetual abstinence is observed.” In fact a sermon preached by Saint Dominic at Bologna decided him to enter the Order. He had the happiness of having the holy Patriarch himself for his master in the religious life, who, delighted with the innocence of Blessed Nicholas, often took him as companion on his missionary journeys. Having been appointed superior, he showed so much zeal and prudence that all he commanded seemed easy and he drew into religion many excellent subjects, whom he well knew how to guide amidst the storms of temptation. One of his novices being dangerously ill, the devil, transformed into an angel of light, made him vow such perpetual silence that he dared not even say his Office and kept secret a grave fault omitted a long time before in confession. Enlightened by the man of God, he changed his life, confessed his sin and died a holy death. After forty years of an apostolate glorified by miracles and rich in fruit for the conversion of souls, Blessed Nicholas saw Brother Rao, also a disciple of Saint Dominic and already dead, who appeared to him saying: “The Blessed Virgin sends word to you to prepare, for the crown of glory awaits you.” And in a few days he quitted this land of exile (1255).


Saint Dominic, obtain for me that I may become singularly lovable to you by sweetness and simplicity.


Visit the altar of Saint Dominic, or pray before his statue.