Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 13 May

detail of an antique Beato Alberto da Bergamo holy card, date unknown, artist unknown; swiped with permission from the Santini Imagini web siteBlessed Albert of Bergamo, Confessor, O.P.

God, Who is pleased to show that sanctity can flourish in every state of life, willed that Blessed Albert should live in the world as a farmer, while observing the rule of the Third Order. The candor and simplicity of his nature shone out brightly and the contemplation of natural beauty in the sky, the mountains, the birds and the flowers raised his soul continually towards the Author of all perfection. He had much to suffer from his relations, even to being violently turned out of the farm which he had cultivated so well. But he had learnt always to possess his soul in peace and he profited by his exile the better to devote himself to the service of the poor and to making pilgrimages to holy places. Blessed Albert went nine times to Rome, eight times to Compostella in Spain and once to Jerusalem; he sanctified the long hours of travel by silence and prayer. The earth in which they tried to bury him resisted the spade of the grave-digger, from which it was understood that, on account of his sanctity, God, Who loves pure and simple souls, desired that he should be buried in the choir of the church. (1270)


O my God, teach me to behold in the works of nature the image of Thy perfections, avove all of Thy providence and Thy beauty.


Pray for Tertiaries living in the world and make known, when you have the opportunity, the advantages of the Third Order.