Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 13 March

Blessed Robert of Naples, O.P., Restorer of Regular Observance in Italy

The edifying conversation of one of our Fathers at Naples decided his vocation, and from his earliest years he showed himself like a saint of olden times, even to the point of working miracles. In order to avoid the ever increasing veneration he received, he came to Rome to ask Blessed Raymund of Capua, the Master General, the favor of allowing him to live and die unknown in some solitary convent. But those who desire to hide themselves are usually the most worthy to be known and the most able to command. The saintly reformer took Blessed Robert for his representative in the province of Lombardy, where he obtained brilliant results, especially in Venice, in spite of the opposition of the Senate. By the influence of his example and by his efficacious words he caused the principles of perfection gradually to prevail. During his long illnesses, he was never heard to complain, or to refuse a disagreeable remedy. He only spoke to thank God for his mercies. One day, having expressed a desire for some lettuce, as soon as it was brought he sent it away and accused himself with tears of this inordinate desire. During his agony, in the Convent of Chioggia, a bright cloud hid him from his brethren’s sight, and when it passed away his soul was with God. Blessed John Dominic, his dear disciple, tried to sing his requiem Mass, but his voice was choked with tears. (1393)


O my God, enlighten all religious superiors that they seek quality, not quantity, in the subjects they choose.


Pray for the timid, who tremble at the least obstacle, and often fear imaginary ones.