Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 13 February

statue of Saint Catherine dei Ricci, 18th century, artist unknown; photographed on 1 July 1996 by Hermetiker; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsSaint Catherine de Ricci, Tertiary, O.P.

At the age of thirteen Saint Catherine received the habit of Saint Dominic in the Convent of the cloistered Third Order at Prato in Tuscany, of which she was for many years the superioress. God made known to her the temptations of the Sisters so well that she often prevented them from committing faults. By these delicate, gracious and charitable actions and by her wise counsel, as well as by her prayers, she did much good to persons in the world and to those of her own family, especially to her brothers, all the more as their youth, their wealth and their position in the midst of the world and its passions gave them a greater claim upon her tender and affectionate solicitude. Our Lord, in return for her love, gave her a ring, as well as the sacred stigmata, and detached Himself from the crucifix to come to her. Having offered herself to suffer the pains of purgatory in place of a certain person. Our Lord accepted her desire, so that her flesh was seen to be scorched, sparks flew out and her tongue became black as charcoal. The Sisters could not hold her hand and her cell became heated with her burning breath. Who shall say after this that the pains of purgatory are trifling? (1589)


May the uncertainty of our perseverance in the right way keep us in a spirit of humility and regard for our neighbor. – Saint Catherine de Ricci


Examine what good you try to do to your relations and friends, especially those who are most in danger in the world – by your words, by your example, or through your prayers.