Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 13 April

photograph of a statue of Saint Margaret at the Saint Louis Bertrand Church, Louisville, KY, date unknown, sculptor unknown, photographer unknown; swiped off the Saint Louis Bertrand Church web siteBlessed Margaret of Castello, Virgin, O.P.

Blessed Margaret was blind from childhood and finding herself abandoned by all, even by her parents and pious persons, she had recourse to the Infant Jesus. Immediately a little child stood before her, and led her to the prioress of the Dominican nuns at Citta di Castello, who received her as a religious. Every Friday she fasted on bread and water. Her spirit of penance gained for her a wonderful understanding of the Psalms and a special love for the mystery of the Incarnation. She learned the Psalter by heart and drew out its different meanings like a Saint Augustine or a Saint Thomas. It was her chief prayer, together with the Little Office of the Cross and that of the Blessed Virgin. Pier infused knowledge was so great that she was even allowed to correct the literary work of some of the pupils and to give them lessons in grammar. She died full of merits, at the age of thirty-three. During life she had often said: “Oh, if you only knew what I have in my heart!” There were found there three small stones, like diamonds, representing Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


O God of mercy, give me ardently to desire. Thy good pleasure, to seek it prudently and to accomplish it perfectly.


Reverence and serve the Infant Jesus in the weakness of your neighbor. Love above all to help these who are abandoned by every one.