Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 12 June

Blessed Father Everard, Confessor, O.P.

Father Everard was Archdeacon of Langres, when Blessed Jordan, who drew more than a thousand novices to the Order, gave him the holy habit. From that time he became a new man, full of admiration for the holiness of his state, and of gratitude for having received the grace of a vocation, fearing to render himself unworthy of it. He set himself to attain perfection in everything, imitating the poverty of the solitaries, the regularity of the cenobites, the simplicity of children, applying himself to do each action as if it were his last, a simple and excellent means of sanctification. His great desire to see the holy Patriarch Saint Dominic, for whom he had the greatest veneration, led him to undertake a journey to Rome on foot, begging his bread by the way. His austerities and apostolic labors brought on a mortal illness, and while the doctors hesitated to tell him the truth, he said to them, guessing the cause: “Sirs, death is only terrible to those who have not thought of it, but the news of its approach is most agreeable to the servants of God, who wish for it with ardor, because it opens to them the gate of eternity.”


O my God, grant that I may fear sin now, so that I need not fear death when it comes to call me in Thy name.


Beg those who attend you not to be afraid to tell you when you are in danger of death, make them promise to do so beforehand. Render the same service to others, especially those dependent on you.