Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 12 February

detail of a painting of Blessed Reginald of Orléans receiving the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Butinone Bernardino, late 15th century; Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, Milan, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsBlessed Réginald of Orléans, O.P.

After having taught Canon Law and made a pilgrimage to Rome Blessed Reginald had resolved to enter the Order and had even made his vows in the hands of Saint Dominic, when he fell dangerously ill of fever. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him, accompanied by Saints Catherine and Cecilia, and asked him what he most desired. By the advice of one of these saints, he left it to the wisdom of Our Blessed Lady to do as she thought best. Then the Queen of Heaven cured him, anointed his feet to prepare him to preach the Gospel of peace, and gave him the habit which in her maternal goodness she had made and which she desired to see worn by her sons, the Friars Preachers, saying: “Behold the habit of thine Order.” Blessed Reginald having regained his health, preached with such eloquence that he seemed like another Elias and was even compared to Saint Paul. By his ability in governing, his prudence, charity and firmness, he became the right hand of Saint Dominic, who seemed to be preparing him to be his successor. But God soon took him away from the love of his brethren. He had already done enough for the Order, in receiving and transmitting to it the Scapular of Mary, who has been called the Blessed Vestiarian of the Order. He died preaching by his words and works Jesus Christ and Him crucified and having his eyes raised, according to his custom, towards Heaven.


Blessed Reginald, favorite of the Queen of Heaven, obtain for us the innocence and humility symbolized by the black and white habit of the Friars Preachers.


Kiss your scapular with respect, saying: “Monstra te esse Matrem.”