Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 12 April

Venerable Father Peter de la Coste, Martyr, O.P.

The devil has been called by Jesus the father of lies; he is indeed most worthy of this name and he will never change. Heresy, the child of the devil, is then the child of lies; to show it as it is, is to refute and destroy it. This is what Venerable Father Peter de la Coste did in disputing with the Huguenots or disciples of Calvin, Protestant heretics who had improved on the errors of Luther and who had imprinted on their so-called reformed religion as special characteristics, terror and pharasaic austerity. Of this sect came the English Puritans. Peter de la Coste having drawn up in a very learned and conclusive way all the arguments in favor of the Real Presence, of the Sacrifice of the Mass and the necessity of good works, set out for Paris to get the work printed. But the heretics dreaded this book with good reason, for it would have held the field for a long time and been more widely diffused abroad than his sermons, since they were only heard once and that by a very limited audience. Therefore they waylaid the holy religious on his journey and stopped him, and killed him by hanging him to a tree. (1588)


How sad our life would be, O my God, without the Sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Communion.


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