Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 11 May

Venerable Monsignor Desgenettes, Tertiary, O.P.

At the age of twelve, on hearing some revolutionaries threatening the Church of France with persecution, far from showing fear or weakness, he generously resolved to confess the faith when occasion should arise. The priests who had taken the iniquitous oath of adherence to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy inspired him with such horror, that in passing them he instinctively made the sign of the Cross, as if to guard himself from evil. During the height of the Reign of Terror he profited by his position as a layman, though only twenty years of age, to organize gatherings, nominally of a social character, where, by means of reading and pious hymns those who attended them were strengthened in the faith. Having become a priest and cure of Our Lady of Victories, (in Paris) one Saturday when Monsignor Desgenettes was lamenting the small fruit of his labors and considering how he might increase it, he heard a voice saying to him twice: “Consecrate your parish to the most holy and immaculate Heart of Mary.” This he did by founding the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Victories, so celebrated and so useful to souls all over the world. He spent much time in drawing together with tact and patience men of the world who were in danger of being led away by false ideas, and several of these he induced to enter the Order of Saint Dominic. He himself entered it as a Tertiary and at his death was clothed and buried in the white habit. (1860)


O Mary, refuge of sinners and consellor of the afflicted, pray for us.


Consecrate to Mary your country, your house, your relations and all you have to live with or to deal with.