Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 11 March

Venerable M. Gabrielle d’Autun, O.P.

In early life this servant of God gave little promise of the virtues which were to appear in her later. Being deprived, through the death of her mother, of the affectionate counsels she needed, she fell into the most eccentric ways, spending her time in beating a drum, drilling like a soldier and frequenting the most noisy gatherings. Nevertheless, thanks to her devotion to Our Blessed Lady which she always preserved, she never went far wrong and had always an instinctive horror of anything contrary to perfect purity. One day, in the midst of all this worldliness, God suddenly enlightened her as to the nothingness of earthly pleasures and she became a Dominican novice. But as the time of her profession approached, she was nearly being sent away for her independent spirit, her haughty manner and contempt for those little practices by which aspirants are tried and which she treated as ridiculous. Happily an entire change came over her, such as cannot usually be counted on, and she was duly received to profession. If, as sometimes happened, her natural character reasserted itself, it only seemed to bring out more strongly the promptitude, humility and generosity with which she received corrections. At the age of thirty she was ripe for Heaven, her end being hastened by the spitting of blood caused by her efforts to overcome herself.


O Jesus, we belong to Thee, because by an incomprehensible love Thou art become our Brother, our Master, our Friend and our Companion. – Saint Catherine of Siena


In your prayer, dwell especially on considerations which lead to the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.