Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 11 February

Espousal of Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint JosephEspousals of the Blessed Virgin

Mary and Joseph were united for the sake of the Divine Word, the Saviour of the world. Theirs was a true marriage which served to preserve their virginity, for Joseph, who had till then practiced this virtue, now embraced it by vow. It was a holy, spiritual union, in which their souls, like two stars darting forth their rays continually on each other, consecrated and beautified their immaculate purity and rendered it more pleasing to God. What prudence, what union in prayer, what mutual assistance and veneration may we not admire in the conduct of these virgin spouses. Their union is a perfect model of the spiritual relations which should exist between members of a Christian family. Jesus loves to dwell in the homes where humility, mutual respect and chastity reign, as He dwelt in the holy house of Nazareth. He communicates to souls His spirit of recollection, His love of work, His prudence. His kindness and consolation. But the more precious are the gifts He brings, the easier it is to lose them by selfishness and in devotion. How many good things have I not wasted thus?


Jesus, Mary, Joseph, may our family be formed on the model of thine!


Consider that, according to Saint Thomas, there is a true union of correspondence between a fervent soul and God, far above any earthly union, but with the same threefold relation of faith, of indissolubility and of posterity. O my soul, how wonderful the love by which God wholly loves thee wholly!