Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 10 March

Blessed Peter de GeremiaBlessed Peter Jeremia, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed Peter Jeremia had just left the school of law at Bologna, to enter the novitiate of the Dominicans, when his father, furious at such a decision, arrived from Sicily to carry him off by force. But at the mere sight of his son, whom he saw at a distance as he was walking, modest and recollected, in the cloisters, he became calm and softened and a blessing rose to his lips in place of a malediction. Blessed Peter labored with great success for the restoration of regular observance in the Order and had for his disciple and later on for his assistant, Blessed John Liccius. Saint Vincent Ferrer, whom he met at Bologna, also helped to develop in him zeal for souls and a love of sacred studies. At the Council of Florence, Eugenius IV, being informed of the happy results of his prudence and charity, confided to him the reform of several other religious Institutes. His love of the Cross was so great that he feared to have displeased Our Lord if some time passed without trials. A scandalous sinner whom he had gently urged to repentance, having given him a blow in reply, his arm became withered and was only restored by the prayers of the holy Friar. When Blessed Peter died, he was found to be girded with a heavy chain with five rows of links, which had become imbedded in his flesh; he had worn it fifty-one years. (1452)


O my God, I will no longer seek what pleases me, but that which pleases Thee!


Edify those you have to do with in the world, and in conversing with your friends, relations, etc.