Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 10 June

Blessed Giovanni DominiciBlessed John Dominic, Cardinal, O.P.

Blessed John Dominic was the child of poor parents and began life as an artisan. But his diligence in study soon enabled him to enter the Order and he became there a model religious by his piety, and by his talents an illustrious preacher, although at first he had an impediment in his speech. He was the first in Italy to attempt to return to the primitive observance, which had gradually been abandoned, and for this end he founded the celebrated Convent of Fiesole. He met with much opposition, both open and dissimulated, in carrying out his project. His power of attracting good subjects to the Order was so great that he was called “the seducer of youth.” He loved the beauty of the Divine Office and took pleasure in illuminating the choir books; he also encouraged the nuns of the Order in this work. After having been made cardinal, he put a stop to a serious schism and to give an example of personal disinterestedness in the common cause, he resigned his high, dignity at the Council of Constance. But his resignation was not accepted; on the contrary, he was entrusted with affairs of the greatest importance for the peace and welfare of Christendom. Until his last hour he labored for the good of the Church. It was said of him, as of Saint Bonaventure by his master, the celebrated Alexander of Helos: “One would think Adam had not sinned in him.” (1420)


O Lord, sustain those who labor to preserve, or to reestablish, regular observance in the Order.


Say a “Veni Creator” for the peace of the Church and unity in the hierarchy, under the direction of the Supreme Pontiff.