Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 10 April

Blessed Anthony NeyrotBlessed Antony Neyrot, Martyrs, O.P.

Although outwardly a religious, Blessed Antony was living in a state of great tepidity, when he set out on a sea voyage against the will of his superiors. “To quit obedience is to fly in the face of Providence.” He fell into the hands of the Tunisian Corsair, Nardus Anequint, who succeeded in making him deny the faith. At the end of four months, hearing of the death of Saint Antoninus, whose disciple he had been at Saint Mark’s without paying much heed to his teaching, he entered into himself, publicly abjured his errors and distributed among the poor the money sent him by Christians and resolved to prepare for his final combat by fasting on bread and water. After two months, during which the tyrant, disappointed, humiliated and irritated, tried by every means to shake his constancy Blessed Antony was condemned to be stoned. The showers of stones rained upon him could draw from him no cry of pain; although free and unchained, he remained with his body upright and firm as if fixed by nails, his eyes raised to Heaven; he seemed like another Saint Stephen. This took place not far from the spot where Saint Cyprian was beheaded. The Mahomedans could not succeed in burning his corpse, which was reverently taken away by some Genoese merchants; even his hair remained unsinged. (1460)


Do not trust me, O my God, for at any moment, and even today, I am capable of shamefully denying Thee.


Undertake nothing but in reliance on the grace of God, and then only under obedience.