Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 1 May

Saints Philip and James, Apostles

Saint Philip, from his earliest youth, was given to study and meditation on the Holy Scriptures. So when Jesus said to him: “Come, follow Me,” he easily recognized in Him the Divine Redeemer, announced and prefigured throughout the Old Testament, and he yielded to grace at once with his whole heart. He exercised his apostleship chiefly among the Scythians and was stoned to death for the faith in the year 54. Saint James was a near relation of Our Blessed Lord and, we are told, was so like Him in appearance that, after the Ascension, Christians went to Jerusalem in order to see in his face something of the features of the Saviour. He became the first Bishop of Jerusalem. He was thrown from the heights of the Temple by the Jews, and when crushed and bruised he had still strength to say: “Lord, forgive them,” when a fuller completed his martyrdom with a club. Saint James is the author of the first of the seven canonical Epistles, in which he recommends two things above all, viz., love of sufferings and guard over the tongue. The description he gives of the evils caused by the tongue is a good subject for meditation for all, since he goes so far as to call it a world of iniquity and to award the palm of perfection to those who keep free from sins of speech (63).


Listen to Our Lord saying to you as to Saint Philip: “Have I been so long with you and you have not known Me.”


When a suitable occasion offers, speak of the goodness of God towards men.