Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 1 March

Blessed Christopher of MilanBlessed Christopher of Milan, O.P.

Blessed Christopher founded the Convent of Taggia, which he dedicated to Mary, Mother of Mercy. In his veneration for the Divine Office and in happy imitation of the precept of the ancient law regarding the priests charged with the service of the Temple, he desired that the hebdomadary should not go out of the convent during his week of office, but remain there in a spirit of recollection, occupied solely in fulfilling worthily and devoutly his sacred duties. The hebdomadary is the religious who, for a week at a time, presides over the Divine Office, sings the prayer and says the Conventual Mass, thus representing Our Lord, the true model of the religious life. It was also for the sake of the students, to put them on their guard against the temptations of their age, that he wisely ordered them to leave all useless and profane subjects, so as to have more time to meditate day and night on the Holy Scriptures, the works of the Fathers and the Commentaries of Saint Thomas. He himself read with delight the “Golden Chain” of the Angelic Doctor and he wrote several works for the instruction and direction of preachers. He recommended them, among other things, to fill their sermons with the teaching of the Holy Scriptures, instead of imitating those who merely borrowed the text and nothing else. Before his death, he made a general confession and died chanting the Psalms, as if he were in choir.


O my God, pardon me all my vain and even dangerous reading.


Say devoutly the “Maria Mater gratiae,” etc.