Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 1 January

statue of the Circumcision of Christ; date unknown, artist unknown; photographed in 2012 by FA2010; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsThe Circumcision. First Lesson of the Infant Jesus. Sacrifice.

“A scribe, when beginning a beautiful book, inscribes the title page with great care and in brilliant letters. So the Holy Ghost, Who is about to write the life of our Lord as a book filled with His virtues, begins by tracing in letters of blood the title of this book, which is ‘Jesus, or Saviour’.” Such is the idea of Saint Vincent Ferrer and he adds: “Jesus in this mystery acts towards us like a merchant, who, wishing to buy some precious pearls, pays a sum of money on account for them.” These pearls are our souls, the money paid on account is the first shedding of His blood. It is a proof of the generosity of His love for us, and a foretaste of the abundant graces He desires to shed on us during the coming year. But it teaches us also a serious lesson regarding the courage which we must bring to the work of our Christian perfection, if we would redeem the time and make good use of the days of our present life. It is no use trying to deceive ourselves, the work of our salvation begins and ends with sacrifice. Since Jesus Himself proclaims this truth, I believe it, I accept it, I bow down before it and I will hasten without delay to walk in this way which alone leads to Heaven.


O my God, shall I see the end of this year? That depends on You, but it depends on me to begin it well. Give me love, confidence and perseverance for this work.


Choose, with the advice of your director, some special spiritual work to be done this year, and begin by reciting the “Veni Creator.”