Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 1 April

Venerable Mary Catherine of the Will of God, Virgin, O.P.

The octave of the Annunciation is a fitting day to commemorate the virtues of this holy religious, who was both by name and disposition a faithful imitator of the perfect docility of Mary. Born of poor vendors who soon left her an orphan, she was obliged to take a situation in a lady’s house, where she became greatly appreciated for her gentle disposition, her evenness of temper and her skill in manual work, but above all for her singular detachment from her own will, which came from a special light of grace. If called away suddenly from her prayers, she went without delay, saying with a good grace: “Lord, if You want me with You, make it known to those who are over me, as for me I shall do as they tell me.” She had a particularly clear understanding of the sacrament of penance. “I am much edified,” she said, “when souls greatly desire Holy Communion, but it seems to me that they should take great care to receive the sacrament of penance well, for it is of great profit to the soul, even when Holy Communion cannot be had, and on its good reception depends our spiritual progress. I should leave all other spiritual works in order to confess well.” She died a holy death after a long illness. (1722)


O good Jesus, Thou hast redeemed me; suffer me not to be lost: acknowledge in me all the good which comes from Thee and pardon all the evil which is from myself alone.


During this month, be careful about your confessions, meditating on this sentence: “Confession of sin promotes the glory of God, because the physician is all the more worthy of praise, when he cures a deep-seated and serious malady (Saint Augustine).