Saints and Festivals of the Christian Church – Saint Saturninus of Toulouse

Saint Saturninus of ToulouseArticle

The holy man whom the Church honours this day is another of those early martyrs for the faith; Saint Saturninus, Bishop of Toulose. The more I study the lives of these early Christians, the more I feel convinced that we in these modern days do not half appreciate the true heroism of these men who went forth of their own volition, under the guidance of their superiors to fulfill Christ’s injunction to preach the Gospel to all the world.

It was in 245 that under the direction of the Pope Fabian, Saturninus went into Gaul to preach the faith to the idolatrous people of that nation. As we read the history of those days, we know what risks they ran both from the pagan priests and the neglect of those who should have protected them, as Roman citizens.

Saint Saturninus fixed his see at Toulouse in 250, when Decius and Gratus were consuls, but they evidently gave but little aid toward protecting the holy man from the fury of the priests of the heathen gods. Yet for seven years this faithful man worked on until the pagan priests one day were able to secure his person and carried him into their temple and strove to make him worship at their shrines. Failing, they brought into the temple a wild bull, to which Saturninus was firmly bound by cords. Then after the bull was maddened by torture, they turned it loose and it started on its wild race, dragging the holy man by its side till, mangled and with broken bones, at last the cord broke and left the limp, lifeless body without the gates of the city.

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