Saints and Festivals of the Christian Church – Saint James Intercisus

detail of an icon of Saint James Intercisus, date and artist unknown; swiped from Saint e BeatiArticle

I must not omit mention of another saint whose festival is held this day (27 November), Saint James, surnamed “Intercisus,” a Persian, though I have not space for details in regard to this distinguished martyr of the time when Theodosius the Younger apostatized to win favour from King Isdegerdes. In many respects it is the old story of refusal by Saint James to abjure the Christian faith; but the manner of his execution was brutal, being literally cut to pieces. When his fingers and toes had been chopped off he calmly said: “Now the boughs are gone, cut down the trunk.” But instead of this, one by one, his feet, hands, arms and legs were cut off and at last his head. The high rank borne by Saint James as a noble of the first class added to his reputation for probity and justice made this vindictive exhibition of wrath against the Christians a most impressive object lesson for the moment, but it has served also to render the name of the faithful prince an immortal one in the Kalendar of the Church.

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