Saints and Festivals of the Christian Church – Saint Bibiana

statue of Saint Bibiana by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Santa Bibiana, Rome, Italy, date unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

In the passion of Saint Bibiana, to whom a church in Rome, behind the Trophies of Marius, is dedicated. Her legend says:

In the time of Julian the Apostate there dwelt in Rome a Christian family consisting of Flavian, his wife Dalfrosa and his two daughters, Bibiana and Demetria. All these died for their faith. Flavian was exiled and died of starvation; Dalfrosa was beheaded; the sisters imprisoned (A.D. 362) and scourged, Demetria dying at once under the torture. Bibiana glorified God by longer suffering’s. Apronius, the prefect of the city, astonished by her beauty, conceived a guilty passion for her and placed her under the care of one of his creatures named Rufina, who was gradually to bend her to his will. But Bibiana repelled his proposals with horror and her firmness excited him to such fury that he commanded her to be bound to a column, and scourged to compliance.

I cannot, however, allow myself to describe the brutal manner in which the command was executed as it is too horrible for repetition, beyond saying she died, but retained her virtue.

The column to which Saint Bibiana was bound still stands in the old church between the Santa Croce and Porto Maggiore in Rome.

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