Saint Wendelin

Saint WendelinAlso known as

  • Wendel
  • Wendolinus
  • Wendelinus



Prince of Scotland, the son of King Forchado and Queen Irelina. Educated by the local bishop, Wendelin decided to abandon life in the royal family, and devote himself to God. Dressed as a pilgrim, Wendelin left his castle home in the middle of the night, and left the worldly life behind.

Pilgrim to many holy sites, reaching Rome, Italy in 574. During an audience with Pope Benedict I, the pope told him to follow his desire for a life with God. Lived for a while in Einsidel, Germany. Hermit in the forest wilderness of Westerich.

During a trip to the shrines in Trier, Germany, he reportedly met a wealthy highwayman. The thief admonished Wendelin for begging when he was so obviously capable of earning his living. He then worked for the thief as a swineherd until he found there was no time for his prayers. He transferred to work tending cattle, Wendelin again had time for prayer. However, the herd he tended grew so fast that he soon found himself again over-worked. This time he was transferred to tending sheep, traditionally a job for children or older men as it was less physically demanding. Even when his flock grew large, he still had time for prayer. Legend says that God transferred Wendelin and his flocks back to the old hermitage many times, and then brought them back in the evening.

Hermit near Trier in 590. Abbot in Tholey, Germany in 597.




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