Saint Vincent of Saragossa

Saint Vincent of SaragossaAlso known as



Friend of Saint Valerius of Saragossa in Spain, and served as his deacon. Imprisoned and tortured in Valencia, Spain for his faith during the persecutions of Diocletian; part of his time was spent being burned on a gridiron. While in prison, he converted his jailer. Was finally offered release if he would give up the scripture texts for burning, but he refused. Martyr. Acts written by the poet Prudentius.







“To you has been granted in Christ’s behalf not only that you should believe in him but also that you should suffer for him.” Vincent had received both these gifts and held them as his own. For how could he have them if he had not received them? And he displayed his faith in what he said, his endurance in what he suffered. No one ought to be confident in his own strength when he undergoes temptation. For whenever we endure evils courageously, our long-suffering comes from him Christ. He once said to his disciples: “In this world you will suffer persecution,” and then, to allay their fears, he added, “but rest assured, I have conquered the world.” There is no need to wonder then, my dearly beloved brothers, that Vincent conquered in him who conquered the world. It offers temptation to lead us astray; it strikes terror into us to break out spirit. Hence if our personal pleasures do not hold us captive, and if we are not frightened by brutality, then the world is overcome. At both of these approaches Christ rushes to our aid, and the Christian is not conquered. from a sermon by Saint Augustine of Hippo

Everlasting God, to whom all hidden things are revealed, who sent into the world Thine Only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, conceived through the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, that He might take on Him the punishment of our sins, and by His resurrection snatch us from the gates of hell, grant to our hearts such steadfastness of faith that confessing Christ, Thy Son, we may not perish but may be joined to Him in the confession of Thy Holy Name. Amen. Saint Vincent

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