Saint Vigilius of Trent

bas-relief carving of Saint Vigilius of Trent on the bottom left panel of the portal of the church of San Pietro, Trent, Italy, date unknown, artist unknown; photographed on 2 March 2010 by Matteo Ianeselli; swiped off WikipediaAlso known as

  • Vigilio



Roman patrician, son of Theodosius and Maxentia. Brother of Saint Claudian and Saint Magorian. Studied at Athens, Greece where he developed a reputation for learning and sanctity. Friend of Saint John Chrysostom. Settled in the region of Trent, Italy in 380. Chosen bishop of Trent by the faithful of the area. Worked to help the poor, and opposed usury. Friend of Saint Ambrose of Milan. Nearly ended paganism in his diocese, and worked to bring Arians back to orthodox Christianity. Missionary to the areas surrounding his diocese, founding 30 parishes. Worked with Saint Sisinnius, Saint Martyrius and Saint Alexander about whom he wrote De Martyrio SS. Sisinnii, Martyrii et Alexandri. Killed when he overturned a statue of Saturn in the one the few remaining enclaves of such pagan worship. Pope Benedict XIV called Vigilius the first martyr canonized by a pope.





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