Saint Victorinus of Pettau

Saint Victorinus of PettauAlso known as

  • Victorinus Petravionensis
  • Victorinus von Pettau
  • Victorinus Pictaviensis
  • Victorinus of Patawii
  • Victorinus of Petta
  • Victorinus of Ptuj
  • Victorin…



Wrote a number of well-known and scholarly commentaries on the Old and New Testament; only scraps of the writings about Genesis and Revelations have survived. His works were greatly admired by Saint Jerome, and are believed to be the first writings in Latin by a Christian on the Old Testament. Noted preacher. Bishop of Pettau, Upper Pannonia (in modern Styria Austria). Fought several of the heresies of the day. Martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian.

Like many in his day, Victorinus was a Millenarian – he believed that Christ would return to the earth to rule for a thousand years. This thinking was later condemned as heresy, and many of his writings were suppressed and subsequently lost.





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