Saint Victorian of Hadrumetum

Saint Victorian of HadrumetumMemorial


The wealthiest subject of the Vandal king Hunseric, Victorian served as governor of Carthage with the imperial Roman title of Proconsul, and was known for his devotion to orthodox Christianity. Hunseric offered him all the wealth and power he could bestow if Victorian would declare himself a supporter of Arianism; Victorian declined. He was arrested, tortured and killed for his refusal. Martyr.



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Tell the king that I trust in Christ. His Majesty may condemn me to any torments, but I shall never consent to renounce the Catholic Church, in which I have been baptized. Even if there were no life after this, I would never be ungrateful and perfidious to God, who has granted me the happiness of knowing Him, and bestowed on me His most precious graces. Saint Victorian in response Huneric’s offer to support Arianism

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