Saint Vicelin of Oldenburg

Saint Vicelino di OldenburgAlso known as

  • Apostle of Holstein
  • Apostle of Obodriten
  • Vicelinus
  • Vincelin
  • Vizelin
  • Wissel
  • Witzel
  • Wizelin



Born to the nobility and orphaned young. Studied at Hameln, Germany and in the cathedral school of Paderborn, Germany. Canon at Bremen, Germany. Teacher and principal of the school at Bremen. Spiritual student of Saint Norbert of Magdeburg who ordained him. Missionary to the Wagrian Wends in northeastern Germany in autumn 1126, and to Slavs in surrounding areas. Founded monasteries at Neumunster, Holstein, Segeberg, and Hogersdorf. In 1147 most of what he had built and done was wiped out in a series of raids by pirates; he and several of his priests fled back to the Empire. Bishop of Oldenburg, Germany in 1149; known for the spirituality of his flock, and for his good works for the poor. His last two years he suffered a painful paralysis of the right side of his body resulting from an apparent heart attack and stroke.


  • c.1088 in the castle at Hemeln on the Weser, Lower Saxony, Germany



  • bishop with a church sitting on his left arm
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