Saint Veronica Giuliani

Saint Veronica GiulianiAlso known as

  • Ursula Giuliani
  • Veronica de Julianis
  • Weronika Giuliani



Born wealthy, the daughter of Francesco Giuliana and Benedetta Mancini. In her youth, Ursula developed a deep spirituality and desired nothing more than to dedicate her life to God. She received visions as a child, and her first words were reported to be “Do justice, God sees you,” said to a crooked merchant. Ursula’s father presented suitors in hopes that she would marry her; the girl became ill at the idea of not devoting her life to God, and she finally received her father‘s blessing on her call to religious life.

She joined the Poor Clares in Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy, on 17 July 1677 at age 17, receiving the veil on 28 October and taking the name Veronica. In 1693 she received visions that indicated that the Passion would be re-enacted in her own soul; in 1694 she received the first sign of the stigmata, in her case the visible wounds of the crown of thorns; on Good Friday in 1697 she received the wounds on her hands, feet and side. She submitted to medical treatment and many examinations, never trying to prove the stigmata was real, just suffering through the wounds, the exams and the scorn of her peers.

Veronica served as novice mistress for over thirty years; she refused to let them read any related to visions or mysticism, insisting that they become practical brides of Christ. Chosen abbess of her house in 1716, and served for more than a decade. Her 10-volume Diary of the Passion catalogues her religious experiences.


  • 1660 at Mercatello, Duchy of Urbino (part of modern Italy) as Ursula Giuliani





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