Saint Ulric of Zell

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Born wealthy. Suffered from eye trouble from an early age. Page at the court of Empress Agnes. Monk. Ordained as a deacon by his uncle Notker, bishop of Freising, Germany. Archdeacon and cathedral provost. Gave away much of his fortune to help the poor.

Pilgrim to Rome, Italy; while he was gone, some one else was appointed to his position. Benedictine at Cluny Abbey, France in 1052, receiving the habit from Saint Hugh of Cluny. Priest. Confessor at Cluny. Chaplain to a convent at Marcigny. A target of much jealousy among his brother monks. Suffered blinding headaches. Prior at Peterlingen. Founded a priory at Ruggersburg.

Following a dispute with Bishop Burchard of Lausanne, Switzerland who supported Henry IV against the pope, Ulric returned to Cluny. Founded a monastery at Zell in the Black Forest. Abbot at Zell. Founded a convent at Bollschweil. Reported to have miraculously cured a local girl of cancer. Totally blind by 1091. Wrote extensively on the liturgy, the direction of monasteries, and the training of novices.



  • 1093 of natural causes
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