Saint Ubaldus Baldassini

detail of a fresco of Saint Ubaldus Baldassini, Gubbio, Italy; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteAlso known as

  • Ubaldus of Gubbio
  • Ubaldo…
  • Ubald…
  • Ubalde…



Born to the nobility. Related to Saint Sperandea. Ubaldo’s father, Rovaldo Baldassini, died when the boy was very young; his mother was an invalid, afflicted with what we now consider a neurological disease. Raised by his uncle. Educated by the prior of the cathedral in Gubbio, Italy. Canon regular. Monk at the Monastery of Saint Secondo in Gubbio for several years. Dean of the cathedral in Gubio. Ordained in 1115. Around 1120 he convinced the canons of his chapter to live a common life together under the rule given by Peter degli Onesti; this communal life was designed to keep them out of worldly ways. Ubaldo wanted to be a hermit, but was advised against it, and in 1128 he accepted the bishopric of Gubbio. Known as a patient, gentle, and brave pastor to his people. Convinced Emperor Frederick Barbarossa not to sack Gubbio as he had done other cities. The tomb and shrine of Ubaldus is still a place of pilgrimage.






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