Saint Tutilo of Saint Gall

Also known as

  • Tutilo von Gallen
  • Tutilo of Gall
  • Tuathal…
  • Tuotilo…



A large, powerfully built man. Educated at Saint Gall’s monastery in Switzerland where he stayed to become a Benedictine monk. Friend of Blessed Notkar Balbulus. A renaissance man before the term was coined. Excellent student, he became a sought after teacher at the abbey school. Noted speaker. Poet and hymnist, though nearly all of his work has been lost. Architect, painter, sculptor, metal worker, and mechanic; some of his art continues to grace galleries and monasteries around Europe. Composer and musician, playing several instruments including the harp. No matter his talents or works, he preferred the solitude and prayers of his beloved monastery.




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